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As young ladies, we have different priorities set, that being said, it is important to note that you can get pregnant on the first night; the first encounter with your husband can get you pregnant. Now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing, however if you and your husband want to adopt the family planning method and wait for a while, it is advisable that you make medical consultations.
Well before your first time together, discuss with your gynecologist who should test you for the best contraceptives suited for you if you are not ready to have kids just yet.


You know, it’s ok if sex doesn’t happen on the first night because the wedding stress can take its toll on your desire. All the craziness around the wedding and plans to get away for the honeymoon can be a spoiler for the moment. However, you don’t have to rush because there is really nothing sacred about doing on the exact night of the wedding. You still have a lifetime to explore, discover and enjoy!


I’m sure you are familiar with the Hollywood scene that portrays the perfect, rehearsed, smooth version of sex, if you are expecting it to be exactly that way, sorry to burst your bubble but that is far from reality, especially the first few times.
You might hurt each other and you will feel really weird the first couple of times, however, this is the perfect time to work on communication and forgiveness. Talk to each other and figure out what’s going on together.


Now that you are about to begin, remember that it might be a ‘race’ but definitely not a ‘marathon’. Communicate with your partner about what feels good, this will give him the confidence to continue doing those things you like and possibly introduce new things to you. Always have a lubricant at your disposal because your anxious body might not produce the natural lubrication you need. As a ‘newbie’, you need to remember that you are not a sex goddess, so the missionary position is a safe way to start and then you can build up from there, remember to always take it one step at a time.
You have waited this long, it is now time to enjoy the ride. No limitations, no inhibitions, just do it!

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