Usually, the maid of honor is responsible for throwing a bridal shower/ bachelorette party for the bride-to-be. Trust me, it can really be a hassle, especially when you have to keep all the plans away from the bride. In order to ensure that you don’t end up with a failed plan, here are some guidelines.

Immediately after the wedding date has been fixed, contact friends of the bride to inform them of your plans. You will need to set up a meeting, but that can be done via various online channels, because there is a possibility that everyone you contacted will not be in the same location.

It is important that you all agree on a time when everyone will be available so that you don’t have a scanty guest list. Also important is the bridal shower theme. You cannot have a bridal shower without a theme, there should be an exchange of ideas and then you all agree on a theme that the bride-to-be would enjoy.

The location of where the bridal shower will take place is very important, considering the fact that it is meant to be a surprise, so you need to be careful. Most of the bridal showers I have planned, I always advice to use the house of a relative or any of her friends, that way you can control logistics and it takes some financial burden off. However, making use of a neutral place, like a restaurant, rental space, or any other location is fine.

Due to the fact that it is a surprise, the financial responsibility falls on everyone, going to be present. There are several ways to go about this, you can task everyone to a fixed amount that will sum up to the total figure needed, or make a list of all the things needed, (including refreshments, props, venue, wearables for guests and bride-to-be) and ask everyone to pick what they will be coming with, those that don’t have access to items picked can pay the cash equivalent.

The groom doesn’t have to be financially involved in the whole process, however, he can help you with getting her to the venue if you think she might be on to you if you do it yourself. He can also help get in touch with some of the bride-to-be’s friends you don’t know to be a part of the bridal shower.

Ensuring that everybody keeps to time in order not to ruin the surprise can be a major ordeal, you might have to set the time one hour or two hours before the bride-to-be is due to arrive. This way, everybody will be on time and ready when she walks in.

Get yourselves in position and your cameras ready to capture as many memories as possible, especially the look on the bride-to-be’s face when she realizes what has happened. Post all captured moments on social media using the couple’s hashtag so that after the euphoria of it all, the bride-to-be can have a look at all of them in one place.

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    1. It might be difficult at first, cos time and money is involved, that’s why it is important to get her closest friends involved, they would be committed to it..

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