Valentine’s day is around the corner and I bet some people are as excited about it as I am. I know some people are of the opinion that the celebration of love should not be restricted to a particular day, and it’s alright to belong to that school of thought.


If you ask me, I think that as beautiful as the phenomenon of love is, it should be celebrated everyday and every chance you get, but I also think that on a day like the valentine’s day, you should go the extra mile to make them feel special and shower them with gifts as a gesture to show how much they are appreciated, because the truth is so many of us don’t do extra for our loved ones.

val basket

For instance, most of us don’t get random gifts for our loved ones, just because you think the person will like it or you think it would look good on the person, so, days like valentine’s day, anniversaries, even birthdays are created for these category of people so that at least once in a while, their loved can be pampered by them.
Anyway, speaking of gifts for the valentine season, I have got some ideas I would like to share with you on what to get that special someone:

1. VANITY BASKETS– these should include intimate items, most especially toiletries for him/her. Items like shower gel, deodorant, body spray, scented candles, perfumes, body cream, etc. are items you would want to consider including in the basket.

val basket

2. CRAVINGS BASKETS– if that special someone has a sweet tooth, this would be the preferred choice. Chocolates, biscuits, sweets, candy, a bottle of wine, and any other thing you can think of.

val basket1
val basket2

3. HEALTHY BASKET– lately, the “healthy eating” or “clean diet” mantra has been going around, so if that ‘special someone’ belongs to this category, you can pack some fresh fruits, granola bars, wheat meal biscuits, a bottle of wine and even dark chocolate bars (just learnt that they are healthy).

val fruit

4. FANCY GIFTS (for her)– if she is not into the other stuffs, you can get her a nice dress, pair of shoes, big teddy bear, wrist watch, jewelry, lingerie, bag and anything else you think she might like.

valentine gifts

5. FANCY GIFTS (for him)– I think most guys would fall into this category, so, you might want to get him a nice shirt, neck tie and cuff-links, a pack of socks and briefs, wrist watch, customized neck piece, pair of shoes, satchel bag, belt and any other thing you can think of.

valentines day gift

6. PASTRIES- everybody loves cake, no matter the diet plan you are on, so you might want to get a cake, maybe cupcakes in whatever flavor. You can even go a step further and add a card or note with loving words, to make it intimate.

val cake

These are my ideas for the perfect Valentine’s day gift, you can always mix and match any of the ideas but remember to always bear in mind what the other person would like and appreciate more. Don’t forget to drop your comments in the comment box below.


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  1. Great ideas Tiyan. I also agree that Love should be celebrated everyday. It’s rather unfortunate that some of our youngsters use that day in a negative way. Thanks for sharing your ideas, though. Very informative! – Bunmi Bade-Adeniji (Priceless)

  2. Pls tell us where to get each of d gifts with a breakdown of d cost so we will know where to run to in this bubu season oooo!

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