Over the last few years, wedding hashtags for Instagram have become a raving trend that proves useful. They’re the easiest way to collect your guest’s best photos in one place without having to hound anyone to send their pictures.
The Internet is bursting with advice on how to create a hashtag for your own wedding ; there are even a bunch of free-to-use wedding generators (though the results you get might not be the most original). But if you’re still at a loss, use these simple tips below to choose the right wedding hashtag for your big day.

1. Start with your names.
One of the obvious places to start from when creating your hashtag is from both names; either a combination of first names, or a mix and match of first and last names. If your names can be easily combined, then you are in luck, no need to stress, just go with that.

2. Beware of inside jokes.
Wedding hashtags have to be personal or at least have a personal element in it otherwise you will end up with posts or pictures from non-wedding attendees and this will completely ruin the sole purpose of the hashtag. Unless you are cool sharing the hashtag of your big day with some random stranger, you need to infuse a personal element.

3. Don’t fall for the pun.
Does one or both of your names sound like another word? If yes, move on, because that word is probably used in some kind of popular phrase, work of art, song title, or something else which will put the odds in your favor.


4. Utilize your wedding location.
This will work perfectly for destination weddings, even if you can’t create a unique hashtag, by just adding a city or any other type of location to your names, it will definitely make your hashtag stand out.

5. Infuse the date.
This does the trick most times, especially when you are out of ideas, simply add the year you are getting married to both your first names or initials and your hashtag is ready. Although it might not be all that, but at least you would get to see different moments captured in pictures from your wedding.

6. Nicknames are allowed.
You can go ahead to try out both your nicknames if your actual names don’t cut it, especially if your friends are familiar with them. You never can tell, your nicknames might just do the trick.

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