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This is my first post for the year and I’m super excited about it!
I apologize for being away for so long, but I’m back now!!!

Ultraviolet bouquet

So, as usual, Pantone has released the color for the year 2018 and it is inspired by the UV spectrum, cool right! The color is tagged “ULTRA-VIOLET”, it is a very cool color, it’s like a combination of the purple family shade or the color in between blue & Purple.

I really do not know how to explain it but it is really cool. So, for those who love cool, sophisticated colors, this will be a great selection for you. Let’s take a look at what the ULTRA-VIOLET color looks like:

Pantone has been releasing color of the year, every year since the year 2000, and every color they release shapes the entire fashion industry and also the wedding scene as well. I’m pretty sure some 2018 brides and wedding planners will have a blast with this color because it will make a great color theme for weddings and bridal outfits, and the best part of this color is that you can pair it with other amazing popping colors, if you are into the color-pop type of thing. I also think it will make for great aso-ebi colors and for decoration pieces as well.

I’ve also taken some time out to include colors that can be paired with the ULTRA-VIOLET color, check them out:

So, the ULTRA-VIOLET color is the way to go this year, make sure you include it in your wardrobe, accessories, make-up and any other fashion item, just have fun with the color!
Stay classy dolls!

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This is my first post for the year and I’m super excited about it!
So, as usual, Pantone has released the color for the year 2017 and it is inspired by nature, cool right! The color is tagged “GREENERY”, it is a combination of various shades of green. So, those that are in love with nature will have a blast with this year’s color. See video below:

Pantone has been releasing color of the year, every year since the year 2000, and every color they release shapes the entire fashion industry and also the wedding scene as well. I’m pretty sure some 2017 brides and wedding planners will consider or even include this color in their wedding plans. below is what the greenery color looks like:


Greenery makeup inspiration by Glam Signature
Greenery makeup inspiration by Glam Signature
Bridesmaid Inspiration
Bridesmaid Inspiration
Bridal train inspiration
Bridal train inspiration

Read below what American color specialist, Leatrice Eiseman has to say about the Greenery color:


I’ve also taken some time out to include colors that can be paired with the greenery color, check them out:



So, I guess it is safe to say that you put in on your to-do-list to include one greenery outfit in your wardrobe.
Stay classy dolls!

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Bride to bridesmaid proposal is the most underrated of it all. It’s a once-in-a-friendship opportunity to make one of the grandest gestures known to woman. If you’ve recently been bridesmaid “proposed to,” go ahead and enjoy the moment. But before committing, take a moment to think about what kind of responsibility that might entail throughout the duration of the couple’s planning process, up until the big day.
Don’t feel like you’re disrupting the bride’s plans by trying to engage in a little real talk. If she’s asking you to be her bridesmaid, she most likely feels close enough to you to welcome any questions and concerns you might have. If she desires that you play a major role in planning or is set to have a majorly expensive bachelorette party and you are swarmed with some financial responsibilities, it’s okay to pump the breaks. Don’t procrastinate, the bride needs to know immediately if you can’t commit so she can make other arrangements. However, the bride can be flexible enough to work with your schedule and budget so you can still be a big part of her big day.
To ease the friction, let her know you still consider her a special person in your life and offer to help out in other meaningful ways with wedding preparations, (you can volunteer to monitor the welfare of guests, or manage the distribution of souvenirs).

Find out how much it will cost.
It’s becoming popular trend for brides to allow their bridesmaids choose their dresses, as long as it conforms to the color or length agreed on. This is great, because it gives you control to shop within your budget. But if she’s issuing the entire bridal party the same bespoke dress, find out the cost to determine if you are financially capable.

What will you be in charge of?
Some brides opt for their bridesmaids to take a backseat symbolic approach and just look pretty by their side, while others want to involve them heavily in the planning. Determine a clear sense of what role you serve, whether that’s in planning the bridal shower/ bachelorette party, picking colors and dress styles, obtaining aso-ebi materials or spending time wedding.

Who are the other bridesmaids?
It is natural to be curious about the ladies you’ll be closely liaising with for the foreseeable future. If there is a major personal issue or beef with one of the bridesmaids, that isn’t reason enough to bail on the bride. Rather than making the bride feel bad about her choice, see this as an opportunity to patch things or at least agree to a truce. Working together toward making a good friend feel loved is pretty much the ultimate goal.

How close are you to the bride-to-be?
Selecting bridesmaids often means striking a fine balance between friends and acquaintances. If you’re a newer addition to the friend group, that might not mean you are less close, but you might want to consider if you would be okay when you a left out of a conversation that everyone knows except you. If the answer is yes, you should probably say yes to the bride.

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Having a wedding party is entirely optional, culturally it’s something very few people go without. The gathering of the wedding party used to be done in person, with a phone call or handwritten note. However, bridesmaids (and groomsmen) proposals are fast becoming a ‘thing’ and interestingly popular.

Photo Credit: Laphy Photography
Photo Credit: Laphy Photography

Almost any object can be used for the bridesmaid proposal, you can decide to keep it simple or go all out; your choice. There are personalized cards, champagne bottles, customized wine glasses or even intricate gift boxes. But what may seem like yet another wedding expense is also a natural progression for modern wedding planning and will be well appreciated for putting in an effort.

The reasons for even having a wedding party have evolved throughout wedding history. Originally bridesmaids served as witnesses, ensuring the bride was marrying willingly, but has now become standard social practice. Nowadays, being in a wedding party is more about support — emotional, physical and monetary. It’s buying a dress or renting a tux, planning showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties and being involved in wedding day logistics. For these reasons, many couples try to make an extra effort to thank their friends for what they’re about to do. Bridesmaid Proposal gifts are instant personal tokens that will be well appreciated by the recipient.

Weddings are, especially in the social media age, a battle between appearing unique and living up to ever-escalating standards. On one hand, there is a trend for everything to be personalized. From my perspective, being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor and represents cumulative years of friendship. Agreed, they are a little bit cheesy, but they are gestures that will be appreciated and shows that the couple values the people in their lives especially the ones they call friends.

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Over the last few years, wedding hashtags for Instagram have become a raving trend that proves useful. They’re the easiest way to collect your guest’s best photos in one place without having to hound anyone to send their pictures.
The Internet is bursting with advice on how to create a hashtag for your own wedding ; there are even a bunch of free-to-use wedding generators (though the results you get might not be the most original). But if you’re still at a loss, use these simple tips below to choose the right wedding hashtag for your big day.

1. Start with your names.
One of the obvious places to start from when creating your hashtag is from both names; either a combination of first names, or a mix and match of first and last names. If your names can be easily combined, then you are in luck, no need to stress, just go with that.

2. Beware of inside jokes.
Wedding hashtags have to be personal or at least have a personal element in it otherwise you will end up with posts or pictures from non-wedding attendees and this will completely ruin the sole purpose of the hashtag. Unless you are cool sharing the hashtag of your big day with some random stranger, you need to infuse a personal element.

3. Don’t fall for the pun.
Does one or both of your names sound like another word? If yes, move on, because that word is probably used in some kind of popular phrase, work of art, song title, or something else which will put the odds in your favor.


4. Utilize your wedding location.
This will work perfectly for destination weddings, even if you can’t create a unique hashtag, by just adding a city or any other type of location to your names, it will definitely make your hashtag stand out.

5. Infuse the date.
This does the trick most times, especially when you are out of ideas, simply add the year you are getting married to both your first names or initials and your hashtag is ready. Although it might not be all that, but at least you would get to see different moments captured in pictures from your wedding.

6. Nicknames are allowed.
You can go ahead to try out both your nicknames if your actual names don’t cut it, especially if your friends are familiar with them. You never can tell, your nicknames might just do the trick.

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So, you have always dreamt of having a classic wedding since you were a little girl, but now that the time has come, it seems that you might not be getting it afterall due to the economic meltdown, not to worry, I’ll be sharing with you 12 steps that can help you out. Here goes!


You can have the wedding of your dreams and still save cost by making plans for a specific number of guests, this way, you will be able to budget for the guests knowing that they would be a particular number. This could be a little bit tricky, so you and your spouse have to agree and stick with your agreement. Always have it in mind that even one additional number can increase your budget.

2. Get creative with your Invites

With the advent of the digital age, inviting friends for a party has got much more easier and instant too. Sending out E-invites will be convenient for you and will definitely save you some cash. You can send out invites via BBM, Closed facebook groups, Whatsapp and you can also buy bulk SMS at a cheap rate and send out to specific people. For the older guests, most likely friends of your parents, you may choose to design and print a handful of invites or purchase some packs of pre-printed paper wedding invites.


We all know that any party or ‘owambe’ that is on a strictly by invitation basis is always contained and easier to manage. So, if you are looking to save cost on your big day, you can decide to have a strictly by invitation wedding, all you need to do is prepare a guest list that needs to be cross-checked before anyone is granted admission into the venue.


Weddings in this part of the world are usually done on weekends which is not a bad thing, however, it gives room for uninvited guests to crash your wedding. If you are looking to save cost on the amount of people you cater for, you can decide to have your wedding on a week day when most people would be at work and only the invited guests would be in attendance. If you do this, it gives you some feel of intimacy because you are rest assured that you would know almost everyone present.


This is an awesome way to save cost, especially in terms of catering for your guests because you are going to be feeding your guests just once, with probably light refreshments to compliment. You can have one of the ceremonies in the morning and the other just around noon.


Another great way of saving cost is to hold the religious ceremony and reception afterwards in the same venue. This will prevent you from spending cash on dual venues and will also ease the stress of transportation from one venue to another.


It is not compulsory that you must buy a brand new wedding gown to wear on your big day, there are reputable stores around that rent out the most amazing and gorgeous wedding gowns at an affordable fee. However, if you must buy a wedding gown, try as much as possible to keep it simple.

two piece wedding gown

We are aware that the current trend in the wedding sphere now is to wear one dress for the wedding ceremony and another for the reception. But why get two dresses, when you can get one to be worn differently at both times! To achieve this, all you have to do is get a simple classy dress that has a detachable ball skirt. So, you wear the dress with the ball skirt for the wedding ceremony and detach the ball skirt for the reception and voila! You’ve got yourself two different looks with one dress.


glam signature
glam signature

There is no harm in using a jewelry piece from your personal collection, all that matters is that it compliments your outfit and all the day all that people will notice and remember is that you were looking gorgeous and all shades of beautiful on your big day.


Ladies like to flash their rings or wedding bands, especially when it’s a diamond ring, however, if you are looking to cut cost, there are other options you can go for that will be just as perfect. A silver sterling ring will do just fine, it comes in an array of designs to choose from and it is more pocket friendly.


It is very possible for you to have your hair made in the salon a day to your wedding because taking the option of home service will cost you more. All you need to do is make your hair a day before in the evening and then while preparing for your big day in the morning style your hair simply with fancy hair pins.


These days there are different avenues to pick-up basic make-up skills, the most prominent being YouTube. So, it is very possible for a bride to giver herself a makeover, all you need to do is have a particular look in mind, watch videos on how to assemble the look, practice a few times and get all the products you will need. This will save you some cost on contracting a make-up artist.

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