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Having a wedding party is entirely optional, culturally it’s something very few people go without. The gathering of the wedding party used to be done in person, with a phone call or handwritten note. However, bridesmaids (and groomsmen) proposals are fast becoming a ‘thing’ and interestingly popular.

Photo Credit: Laphy Photography
Photo Credit: Laphy Photography

Almost any object can be used for the bridesmaid proposal, you can decide to keep it simple or go all out; your choice. There are personalized cards, champagne bottles, customized wine glasses or even intricate gift boxes. But what may seem like yet another wedding expense is also a natural progression for modern wedding planning and will be well appreciated for putting in an effort.

The reasons for even having a wedding party have evolved throughout wedding history. Originally bridesmaids served as witnesses, ensuring the bride was marrying willingly, but has now become standard social practice. Nowadays, being in a wedding party is more about support — emotional, physical and monetary. It’s buying a dress or renting a tux, planning showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties and being involved in wedding day logistics. For these reasons, many couples try to make an extra effort to thank their friends for what they’re about to do. Bridesmaid Proposal gifts are instant personal tokens that will be well appreciated by the recipient.

Weddings are, especially in the social media age, a battle between appearing unique and living up to ever-escalating standards. On one hand, there is a trend for everything to be personalized. From my perspective, being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor and represents cumulative years of friendship. Agreed, they are a little bit cheesy, but they are gestures that will be appreciated and shows that the couple values the people in their lives especially the ones they call friends.

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