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Love is a beautiful thing and sometimes takes you by surprise!


HOW WE MET- The Bride
“It all started during summer lesson, I was in Queens College Yaba, Lagos but I was going for summer classes at a private school in Ikorodu. We all know the reason for such classes before ‎school resumed a new session. I was in SS3 then and a lot of people from different popular secondary schools were in my class, both Private and Public (Federal and State) schools. However, as a Queen’s College girl, I had to maintain high standards in all ways, both in answering questions in class and topping the class in my studies never minding if it was just summer classes which was for some weeks.
That was how I noticed my Prince charming and I heard he was from Kings College Lagos. Immediately, I entered my competition mode because Kings College is the male version of Queen’s College and usually both schools compete a lot and to be truthful Queen’s College girls will never want any other girls’ school or school’s girls to take their guys (KC boys) away from them. So back to what I was saying, my reason for noticing him back then in class was that he answered and asked questions a lot and I found out I wasn’t topping the class any more. Teachers began to concentrate on him more.

There was this Mathematics teacher then, he was so short. He would enter the class, start a new topic and then call him ‘Samuel, do you understand it?’ and he would say, ‘Yes Sir’, then the man will continue teaching and then give us class work. I was always pissed like he disregarded others, even if I knew what he was teaching but what about others that did not understand in class. Though as a Queen’s College girl; you need to be intelligent, sharp and smart in thinking, so I had no issues whenever that Mathematics teacher came around. I was only worried about others who did not know it. At the end we (myself and my boo) would be the one teaching others. I beefed him then even the Mathematics teacher. I never liked him (my boo), I was like what kind of over sharp guy is this?
He was, sorry let me say, he is extremely intelligent (one of the reasons why I got attracted to him). Very fast in answering questions even before the teacher would finish asking the question, he’d answer. I then asked a friend of his (my boo’s gf in class then) who was the head girl of the school there, who the guy (my man) was? She happened to be my close friend too and she told me his name and that he is from King’s College Lagos. Meanwhile, my man asked her (the head girl) the same question because he fancied me. I disliked him but he liked me….Looool #thislifethough.

After the summer classes we didn’t see each other again but I was worried I did not collect his number neither did we become friends. I was always praying we’d meet again. I began to wonder if he stayed around, because I was hoping fate would bring us both together. Again, I saw him with his younger brother but we just said hello to each other and moved on (guess my likeness moved up a notch now…Loool). Then I realized he was staying nearby, I was happy because I knew I’d be seeing him.

After my SS3, I had finished Neco, Waec and graduated, then I was going to school for my clearance and all. Suddenly, I met him again! (Yaaaay) at the park, he was with a friend. I did not want to call him, perhaps because I forgot his name. Funny enough there was a cab for me, I was the last passenger but I decided not to enter because I was stylishly chilling so I could enter the cab he would take. Fortunately, he saw me, then he called me (guess he called my name) I pretended like I never saw him. I was happy deep down in my mind. Then he introduced his friend to me, we exchanged greetings.
I was so glad to hug him (my boo) but still I was pretending like it meant nothing, but he was very happy. I could see his own reaction but mine was hidden. Then he asked where I was coming from, I explained to him I went for clearance and he said himself and his friend also went for clearance as well. So he said since we all are heading home, we should board the same cab.
I was super excited! (yaaayyy) then I sat in front while himself and his friend sat at the back. I heard when he mentioned phone to his friend, I turned and saw them with their phones then I brought out mine to make him see ( you will laugh at my reason; my reason was for him to ask me for my number which I was willing to gladly give him….Loool). You will not believe he saw my phone and asked for my number…..Lmaoooo. I was like Pat! You have won this jackpot. I wholeheartedly gave him the number with ease. Then he beeped me immediately and I saved the number!

Anyway, to cut the story short we became very close friends and started dating immediately. Wow! ….it’s been over a decade now and God said it is time to join this two in holy matrimony to become one. Actually when he eventually proposed, I realized a lot of people had been waiting for him to take the bold step, even my siblings, cousins and friends. I just want to thank everyone that made this relationship a success and for where it has got to now. God bless you all. It has been God all the way. Even when we separated fate always brought us back. This is really Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. I am so happy I am still with my man who knows how to treat me right. I am never going to leave you baby. #AlwaysandForever as we always say. I love you muchos Oluwaseyimi…..xoxo

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BLESSING & PRINCE: “God Gave Me A Man Who Complements Me”

When love happens, it hits you in all the right places and cannot be ignored.

From the bride-
“Meeting my prince was divinely by God, I had no idea it would come this way because I have read about so many love stories and I had a feeling mine would be similar, it however happened sooner than I thought.”


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“I have always prayed about my man from my teenage years so I had no doubt that God’s plans for me were coming big. God did not only answer my prayers, He gave me beyond what I requested for.”


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“I love my prince for so many reasons, but the following are exceptional; he is God-fearing, a selfless being, calm, humble, diligent, playful and a role model. I am forever thankful to God for giving me a man who complements me so much.”


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ESE & GAB: “My marital goals include Love, Fun & building a Christian Home” | Image Arts Studios



When love happens, it hits you in all the right places and then a part of you becomes a part of someone else. Ese and Gabriel met in 2013, became friends and found true love. See photos below:






Bride:”He outdid himself, I was amazed at the amount of effort he put into planning the perfect proposal for me”.






Groom: “I proposed to her in church, in front of her parents and the entire congregation”.

Watch their love story video below:

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FALZ & SIMI Release Pre-wedding Themed Promo Photos| TCD Photography



Nigerian rapper and song-writer, Folarin Falan (aka- Falz) is on yet another collaboration with singer and song-writer, Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye (aka- Symplysimi) titled “Chemistry” EP.


The duo served it hot in their recently released promo photos for their collaboration and it was shot around some pre-wedding shoot vibes. It is fun, flirty, and as the name implies, lots of chemistry in the photos!
Let’s take a look at more photos below and be inspired:






Photography: TCD Photography (@tobbinator)

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Efe & Fola are so in Love! See their Stunning Pre-Wedding Shoot|DIKO Photography


Efe and Fola are so into each other and it is evident in their lovely Pre-wedding photos shot by DIKO photography.

Efe and Fola met through a mutual friend and the became friends. Fola knew from that day that Efe was going to be his wife someday and he set out to make it a reality.

She’s my human dairy.

Here’s their Love Story

How we met
by Fola, the groom-to-be

“I met Efe through a friend. We spoke on the phone casually once or twice in 2014 before we met in January 2015. I constantly marvelled at her Instagram page pictures. Her insane ​workout ​routines – almost like someone training for a fighting match. Added to this, her cooking skills and food pictures always made me so hungry. After I met her, I already knew more about her than she thought I did including the fact that she was going to be my wife​.
We became close friends and she constantly blew me away with her future plans and projections. For someone I am 7 years older than, she had her life way more figured out and organised than me.

​I asked her out several times but she kept saying she wasn’t ready, so I decided to start calling her my girl friend whether she liked it or not.​
Efe is my best friend, my human dairy and my better half. My little spit fire and prayer warrior. Incredibly sexy, ​chef extraordinaire, ​beautiful, confident, smart, determined, unbelievably loving and tender.​The day i asked her to marry me was one of the best days of my life. ​

Ololufe mi, this is my promise to you:This Journey would not always be rosy but i promise we would get through whatever life throws our way. I promise to always uphold the God structure and Foundation in our home. I promise to always be the Priest, Provider and Protector. I promise to be humble and take to correction when i stray or get carried away. I promise not to get too fat or too annoying. Our love will be tested but i promise to always remember our friendship and Vows. I promise to magnify your strengths and play down on your weaknesses. I pray that our marriage will be an example and hope for many. I love you baby.”


Photography: DIKO Phototography|@dikophotography

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You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. Being deeply loved by someone who gives me strength, loving so deeply gives me courage.


When I sleep, I dream of you, and when I wake, I long to hold you in my arms. If anything, our time apart has only made me more certain that I want to spend my night by your side, and my days with your heart.. I love you, not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me.







Photography By Diko Photography.

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I just want to start off by saying anything is possible. My fiancé and I met in a way many people would call old fashion. We are from the same state and better still the same home town. I spent 21years of my life not knowing he existed, until one faithful day his mum spotted me in church. Hallelujah!!!
She asked her friend sitting down beside her in church if she knew me, unknowing to her that my mum was sitting in front of her. To cut the long story short, that’s how “my son will marry your daughter started”.


When my mum told me about what had happened, I didn’t know this “serere” has been going on for months without me knowing. I said to my mummy “look you are on your own, #OYO”. It’s as if you have another daughter to give her son to marry.

Christmas of that year, he came to visit his parents and spend time with his siblings, unfortunately we never met; although he had met with my parents in church. Easter the next year when I came visiting, his mum brought a big bowl of baked chin chin (very delicious I must confess) along with her came two of his elder sisters Ghen-ghen-ghen-ghen!!! And the first thing she said to me after we finally met one on one was “my dear, my son will call you please pick his call ooh” I smiled and said yes ma. The next thing that popped in my head was this woman is actually serious ooh choi, what kind of boy cannot look for a girlfriend on his own eh God.
On that fateful day he called, we both introduced ourselves, spoke at length and during the course of the call he told me to hold on like three times, different people kept on interfering with the call, even when I was forced to say “hey look call me back when you are less busy” he refused, apologized and said it was work related. Then and there I made up my mind not to take him seriously.


When I got back to Lagos after the Easter break he kept on calling that he wanted to put a face to the voice he has been hearing. At first I was very reluctant to meet up with him not knowing that we would have missed out on true love. Within 3weeks of knowing each other it felt as if we had known each other our whole lives.
He was very persistent in making me his girlfriend but I was very hesitant because our parents where already involved, I didn’t want it to be like it was working because both parents wanted us to be together, he was always forming over serious and busy in the office and everything was happening very fast, “how is this going to work” but it did work, if not I wouldn’t be telling this story.
October 6, 2014 my boyfriend asked me to marry him. The proposal is a different story altogether. (I think he would have proposed sooner)…lol.


Always keep an open mind; you never know how God will bless you.










Photography by @dikophotography

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