So, today, I am doing a review on a movie that has been in everybody’s faces since the last quarter of 2016 and is still a rave now. I’m talking about none other than ‘The Wedding Party’.
The wedding party is a 2016 Nigerian romantic comedy drama film, directed by Kemi Adetiba, from the production companies of – Ebonylife Films, Filmone, Inkblot Production and Koga Studios. The movie premiered first on 8 September, 2016 at TIFF Toronto and on 26 November, 2016 at Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos, Nigeria. It broke box office record by making 200 million Naira, 16 days after release.


The Wedding party follows the shenanigans that go on during the planning of a wedding in Nigeria. Dunni, a 24 year old art gallery owner and only daughter of her parents, Engineer Bamidele and Mrs Tinuade Coker, is about to marry the love of her life, IT entrepreneur Dozie, the handsome son of Chief Felix and Lady Obianuju Onwuka. The couple took a vow of chastity and are looking forward to a ground -breaking first night together as a married couple.


Personally, I think the movie was an interesting one and funny as well. I commend the amount of publicity invested in the movie, it was strategically done, because even before the movie was set for release, the minds of the audience were already prepared. However, I would like to share my thoughts on a few things:

I think that the interpretation of each role was well done, especially the role of Mrs Tinuade Coker, portrayed by Veteran Actress, Sola Shobowale, she showcased the true nature of a typical Nigerian mother of the bride ( Iya Iyawo), with her own theatrics of course, she was without a doubt my best act in the movie.


Despite the fact that the characters were played so well, there were some foreign elements that gave me mixed feelings. Dunni Coker ( Adesuwa Etomi) is supposed to be from a Nigerian home, now, i don’t know if she was supposed to be a spoilt child as well, because I saw scenes where she storms out, throwing tantrums, locking herself in a the bathroom and sulking! These are typical attributes of an American child, not a Nigerian Child.
So, I ask, what exactly was the message there?


Then there is Wonu, the wedding planner ( Zainab Balogun). Anyone that has been to a wedding where the wedding planner/ event manager is onsite would agree with me that the character was over-exaggerated. The planner is supposed to be in control and take charge, but then we saw the Nigerian food vendor come in late, without apologies and then went on to doing her own thing without taking any instructions from the planner. The planner was even unable to instruct this vendor and her servers because she felt intimidated. Hmmm, what was that about though?


2. TWP Fashion
I totally love the styling in the movie, kudos the wardrobe personnel. I loved every outfit, the wedding gown, bridal hair and make-up, bridesmaids dresses, the groom’s and groomsmen’s suits were so on point, the traditional attires for both parents were just right, as opposed to some movies where the focus is only on the lead cast, in this movie, every character was PICTURE PERFECT.



Also, if you noticed, at the reception, there were about three ( if not more) different kinds of Aso-Ebi, as is usually the case at a Nigerian Wedding.



The only misgiving I probably have with this is the ‘walk on the beach’ scene. I mean, we have all heard stories of what happens on lonely beaches like that one, yes, even the private beaches, and the ones that aren’t deserted would be packed with all kinds of parties, that you won’t even find a spot to take a walk. Really though, who storms out of her wedding and then goes to take a ‘walk on the beach’?


I like the fact that one of the messages in the movie was CHASTITY, ‘abstinence till marriage’, we don’t get to see a virgin bride often, even in our movies, so it was kind of refreshing for me. Also, the message that communication is very vital for any kind of relationship to work was passed across to the audience.


That’s it on my review of THE WEDDING PARTY, I enjoyed the movie, big ups to the cast and crew.
Remember, these are just my musings on the movie, if you have a different view, kindly drop it in the comment box below. Watch trailer below


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