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This is my first post for the year and I’m super excited about it!
So, as usual, Pantone has released the color for the year 2017 and it is inspired by nature, cool right! The color is tagged “GREENERY”, it is a combination of various shades of green. So, those that are in love with nature will have a blast with this year’s color. See video below:

Pantone has been releasing color of the year, every year since the year 2000, and every color they release shapes the entire fashion industry and also the wedding scene as well. I’m pretty sure some 2017 brides and wedding planners will consider or even include this color in their wedding plans. below is what the greenery color looks like:


Greenery makeup inspiration by Glam Signature
Greenery makeup inspiration by Glam Signature
Bridesmaid Inspiration
Bridesmaid Inspiration
Bridal train inspiration
Bridal train inspiration

Read below what American color specialist, Leatrice Eiseman has to say about the Greenery color:


I’ve also taken some time out to include colors that can be paired with the greenery color, check them out:



So, I guess it is safe to say that you put in on your to-do-list to include one greenery outfit in your wardrobe.
Stay classy dolls!

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no mkup2

So many women opt to go natural for their everyday look, however, when it comes to some special occasions, especially the big day, they embrace the idea of wearing makeup, even if it’s just a little bit of powder and some pop of color on the lips.

However, one woman decided to switch it up and go makeup-free on her wedding day, proving that natural beauty can be just as gorgeous as a flawless makeover. Unsurprisingly, the Internet has blown up over this, causing the bride’s photo to go viral.
She was initially reported to be a Ghanaian bride, however, according to Vanguard Allure, she is in fact a Nigerian, who hails from Lagos state. The bride, Mrs. Umoren told Vanguard Allure in an interview that, “as I starred at myself in the mirror, I looked so natural and beautiful; I really liked what I saw. Some church members also came to me and liked my natural look and agreed with me not to make up.”

With so many other things to worry about on your wedding day, why add makeup to that list? Considering that going makeup-free has become a trend these days (remember that Alicia Keys has been going bare-faced on several red carpets in recent times!). I think, women shouldn’t feel pressured to wear any makeup at all, even if that means skipping it on a special occasion.
Share your thoughts on these and let me know what you think. Would you go makeup-free on your big day?

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THE WEDDING NIGHT: A Virgin Bride’s Guide (PT 2)


We are kicking off from where we stopped last week, if you missed the previous article, read here.


As young ladies, we have different priorities set, that being said, it is important to note that you can get pregnant on the first night; the first encounter with your husband can get you pregnant. Now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing, however if you and your husband want to adopt the family planning method and wait for a while, it is advisable that you make medical consultations.
Well before your first time together, discuss with your gynecologist who should test you for the best contraceptives suited for you if you are not ready to have kids just yet.


You know, it’s ok if sex doesn’t happen on the first night because the wedding stress can take its toll on your desire. All the craziness around the wedding and plans to get away for the honeymoon can be a spoiler for the moment. However, you don’t have to rush because there is really nothing sacred about doing on the exact night of the wedding. You still have a lifetime to explore, discover and enjoy!


I’m sure you are familiar with the Hollywood scene that portrays the perfect, rehearsed, smooth version of sex, if you are expecting it to be exactly that way, sorry to burst your bubble but that is far from reality, especially the first few times.
You might hurt each other and you will feel really weird the first couple of times, however, this is the perfect time to work on communication and forgiveness. Talk to each other and figure out what’s going on together.


Now that you are about to begin, remember that it might be a ‘race’ but definitely not a ‘marathon’. Communicate with your partner about what feels good, this will give him the confidence to continue doing those things you like and possibly introduce new things to you. Always have a lubricant at your disposal because your anxious body might not produce the natural lubrication you need. As a ‘newbie’, you need to remember that you are not a sex goddess, so the missionary position is a safe way to start and then you can build up from there, remember to always take it one step at a time.
You have waited this long, it is now time to enjoy the ride. No limitations, no inhibitions, just do it!

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THE WEDDING NIGHT: A Virgin Bride’s Guide (PT 1)

Most of you might not believe it, but ladies in these times are making the decision to wait until they say “I do”. The motivation for these decisions might differ, however, the fact still remains that as a virgin bride you are about to experience something alien and different, so you either get yourself prepared or face the consequences. If you are virgin bride, this guide is for you!


As a virgin, you ought to get to know your body, unfortunately, most women do not even try to do this. I don’t know if they are being shy about it, here’s a word for you today though, don’t be! Stand in front of a mirror and acquaint yourself with the perfect piece of art called your body. Research, read and get as much knowledge as possible.

If you are waiting until you get married, sex should be a subject you should talk about every now and then, talking about it eases the tension and you get the opportunity to discover each other. Discuss fantasies and limits, it may not seem like much before you get married but unrealized expectations can become a problem in your marital life.


If your partner is experienced, he will probably be able to guide you through the awkwardness of the first night, because it is definitely going to get awkward. Communicate with him how you felt, what you felt and when you felt it, you might be sore from using muscles you have never used before, however, don’t be shy, talk about it.
Communicating all of these things will help you both correct mistakes you make at every stage and guide you slowly but surely into having a great sex life.

To be continued…

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Happy new year guys, welcome to 2016! This is officially my first post for the year and of course, what better way to start off this year than discussing the Pantone color of the year.


It is a new year, which in my book translates to a brand new weddings and fashion season. Pantone, each year release the color for the year which sets the tone for wedding color themes, runway projects, red carpet looks and other fashion or artistic ventures. Last year the color of the year was MARSALA, and it practically ruled the weddings and fashion industry. Well this year, Pantone released two colors instead on one which are ROSE QUARTZ and SERENITY.


Well, if you ask me, I don’t know how this is going down. Will they be paired together like in a combination or used separately ( dunno), hmmmm, I guess time will tell then. So my fashion lovers, the authority has spoken, make sure you get fashion items in one or these two colors ooo!



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