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So, it is my sister’s wedding anniversary today and I’m so excited to be writing this now (smiles).

The Sannis

This couple have been married since 2008, so they have been married for Ten years now. However, they have been together for about eighteen years now and I am filled with joy each time I see them together, forgive me guys but I’m a romantic and I love happily ever afters(*sighs).

From the husband:
“It’s 10 years already?
It feels like it wasn’t long ago that I said, “I do”.
To a lot of our friends and family, it’s been 10 years.
However, the journey started 18 years ago.

Then, 10 years ago today, we tied the knot.
It was a day I looked forward to enthusiastically.
I was relieved when the day was over; I was relieved because I knew I had finally sealed the deal that took about 8 years to negotiate.
In the past 10 years, you have given me a great deal of joy and laughter.

You have given me comfort, and encouraged me to focus.
You have given me the most adorable, beautiful, courteous, and loving boys, more than I can ever imagine.
You tell me to “Carry GO, No Shaking”, and I have been doing that excellently over the years.
Thank you for loving me unconditionally.
You are the closest to the manifestation of Christ’s liquid love to me.
And I love you MORE.

Words cannot express how bright and shinning our future together will be.
Prophecies have gone forth.
And we will fulfil God’s purpose for our lives, and do so while loving each other MORE and MORE.
I will conclude with the words of my Pastor, “You married your own wife”.
And I have been conscious of this ever since.
I Love You, my BEQ.
Your S.H.”

Awwnnn! Isn’t this the cutest love note ever!
They are blessed with two lovely and adorable boys.

Anyway, here’s wishing our EAD COUPLE, Mr & Mrs Sanni a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, wishing you the best and all the goodies of marital life.

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This is my first post for the year and I’m super excited about it!
I apologize for being away for so long, but I’m back now!!!

Ultraviolet bouquet

So, as usual, Pantone has released the color for the year 2018 and it is inspired by the UV spectrum, cool right! The color is tagged “ULTRA-VIOLET”, it is a very cool color, it’s like a combination of the purple family shade or the color in between blue & Purple.

I really do not know how to explain it but it is really cool. So, for those who love cool, sophisticated colors, this will be a great selection for you. Let’s take a look at what the ULTRA-VIOLET color looks like:

Pantone has been releasing color of the year, every year since the year 2000, and every color they release shapes the entire fashion industry and also the wedding scene as well. I’m pretty sure some 2018 brides and wedding planners will have a blast with this color because it will make a great color theme for weddings and bridal outfits, and the best part of this color is that you can pair it with other amazing popping colors, if you are into the color-pop type of thing. I also think it will make for great aso-ebi colors and for decoration pieces as well.

I’ve also taken some time out to include colors that can be paired with the ULTRA-VIOLET color, check them out:

So, the ULTRA-VIOLET color is the way to go this year, make sure you include it in your wardrobe, accessories, make-up and any other fashion item, just have fun with the color!
Stay classy dolls!

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Finding Mr Right!!!

happy couple

Hey Fam, I know I have been absent here for a while now, I apologize for my absence but I am back now for good! (*smiles*). So, there is something I would like to share with you today, it’s actually a podcast which just launched recently and I’ve been listening to all their episodes so far, it has been quite interesting and insightful.


This podcast that I stumbled on is called “The Ladies Hive” and its a talk show where different topics are discussed, so ladies, if you need tips on your relationships or health or other stuffs that affect you, this podcast right here is for you.
So, this particular episode is on“Finding Mr Right”, I would like you to listen to it and find out what you think about it, please drop your comments in the comment section.. Alright guys, ENJOY!!!

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val cover

Valentine’s day is around the corner and I bet some people are as excited about it as I am. I know some people are of the opinion that the celebration of love should not be restricted to a particular day, and it’s alright to belong to that school of thought.


If you ask me, I think that as beautiful as the phenomenon of love is, it should be celebrated everyday and every chance you get, but I also think that on a day like the valentine’s day, you should go the extra mile to make them feel special and shower them with gifts as a gesture to show how much they are appreciated, because the truth is so many of us don’t do extra for our loved ones.

val basket

For instance, most of us don’t get random gifts for our loved ones, just because you think the person will like it or you think it would look good on the person, so, days like valentine’s day, anniversaries, even birthdays are created for these category of people so that at least once in a while, their loved can be pampered by them.
Anyway, speaking of gifts for the valentine season, I have got some ideas I would like to share with you on what to get that special someone:

1. VANITY BASKETS– these should include intimate items, most especially toiletries for him/her. Items like shower gel, deodorant, body spray, scented candles, perfumes, body cream, etc. are items you would want to consider including in the basket.

val basket

2. CRAVINGS BASKETS– if that special someone has a sweet tooth, this would be the preferred choice. Chocolates, biscuits, sweets, candy, a bottle of wine, and any other thing you can think of.

val basket1

val basket2

3. HEALTHY BASKET– lately, the “healthy eating” or “clean diet” mantra has been going around, so if that ‘special someone’ belongs to this category, you can pack some fresh fruits, granola bars, wheat meal biscuits, a bottle of wine and even dark chocolate bars (just learnt that they are healthy).

val fruit

4. FANCY GIFTS (for her)– if she is not into the other stuffs, you can get her a nice dress, pair of shoes, big teddy bear, wrist watch, jewelry, lingerie, bag and anything else you think she might like.

valentine gifts

5. FANCY GIFTS (for him)– I think most guys would fall into this category, so, you might want to get him a nice shirt, neck tie and cuff-links, a pack of socks and briefs, wrist watch, customized neck piece, pair of shoes, satchel bag, belt and any other thing you can think of.

valentines day gift

6. PASTRIES- everybody loves cake, no matter the diet plan you are on, so you might want to get a cake, maybe cupcakes in whatever flavor. You can even go a step further and add a card or note with loving words, to make it intimate.

val cake

These are my ideas for the perfect Valentine’s day gift, you can always mix and match any of the ideas but remember to always bear in mind what the other person would like and appreciate more. Don’t forget to drop your comments in the comment box below.


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So, today, I am doing a review on a movie that has been in everybody’s faces since the last quarter of 2016 and is still a rave now. I’m talking about none other than ‘The Wedding Party’.
The wedding party is a 2016 Nigerian romantic comedy drama film, directed by Kemi Adetiba, from the production companies of – Ebonylife Films, Filmone, Inkblot Production and Koga Studios. The movie premiered first on 8 September, 2016 at TIFF Toronto and on 26 November, 2016 at Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos, Nigeria. It broke box office record by making 200 million Naira, 16 days after release.


The Wedding party follows the shenanigans that go on during the planning of a wedding in Nigeria. Dunni, a 24 year old art gallery owner and only daughter of her parents, Engineer Bamidele and Mrs Tinuade Coker, is about to marry the love of her life, IT entrepreneur Dozie, the handsome son of Chief Felix and Lady Obianuju Onwuka. The couple took a vow of chastity and are looking forward to a ground -breaking first night together as a married couple.


Personally, I think the movie was an interesting one and funny as well. I commend the amount of publicity invested in the movie, it was strategically done, because even before the movie was set for release, the minds of the audience were already prepared. However, I would like to share my thoughts on a few things:

I think that the interpretation of each role was well done, especially the role of Mrs Tinuade Coker, portrayed by Veteran Actress, Sola Shobowale, she showcased the true nature of a typical Nigerian mother of the bride ( Iya Iyawo), with her own theatrics of course, she was without a doubt my best act in the movie.


Despite the fact that the characters were played so well, there were some foreign elements that gave me mixed feelings. Dunni Coker ( Adesuwa Etomi) is supposed to be from a Nigerian home, now, i don’t know if she was supposed to be a spoilt child as well, because I saw scenes where she storms out, throwing tantrums, locking herself in a the bathroom and sulking! These are typical attributes of an American child, not a Nigerian Child.
So, I ask, what exactly was the message there?


Then there is Wonu, the wedding planner ( Zainab Balogun). Anyone that has been to a wedding where the wedding planner/ event manager is onsite would agree with me that the character was over-exaggerated. The planner is supposed to be in control and take charge, but then we saw the Nigerian food vendor come in late, without apologies and then went on to doing her own thing without taking any instructions from the planner. The planner was even unable to instruct this vendor and her servers because she felt intimidated. Hmmm, what was that about though?


2. TWP Fashion
I totally love the styling in the movie, kudos the wardrobe personnel. I loved every outfit, the wedding gown, bridal hair and make-up, bridesmaids dresses, the groom’s and groomsmen’s suits were so on point, the traditional attires for both parents were just right, as opposed to some movies where the focus is only on the lead cast, in this movie, every character was PICTURE PERFECT.



Also, if you noticed, at the reception, there were about three ( if not more) different kinds of Aso-Ebi, as is usually the case at a Nigerian Wedding.



The only misgiving I probably have with this is the ‘walk on the beach’ scene. I mean, we have all heard stories of what happens on lonely beaches like that one, yes, even the private beaches, and the ones that aren’t deserted would be packed with all kinds of parties, that you won’t even find a spot to take a walk. Really though, who storms out of her wedding and then goes to take a ‘walk on the beach’?


I like the fact that one of the messages in the movie was CHASTITY, ‘abstinence till marriage’, we don’t get to see a virgin bride often, even in our movies, so it was kind of refreshing for me. Also, the message that communication is very vital for any kind of relationship to work was passed across to the audience.


That’s it on my review of THE WEDDING PARTY, I enjoyed the movie, big ups to the cast and crew.
Remember, these are just my musings on the movie, if you have a different view, kindly drop it in the comment box below. Watch trailer below


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This is my first post for the year and I’m super excited about it!
So, as usual, Pantone has released the color for the year 2017 and it is inspired by nature, cool right! The color is tagged “GREENERY”, it is a combination of various shades of green. So, those that are in love with nature will have a blast with this year’s color. See video below:

Pantone has been releasing color of the year, every year since the year 2000, and every color they release shapes the entire fashion industry and also the wedding scene as well. I’m pretty sure some 2017 brides and wedding planners will consider or even include this color in their wedding plans. below is what the greenery color looks like:


Greenery makeup inspiration by Glam Signature
Greenery makeup inspiration by Glam Signature
Bridesmaid Inspiration
Bridesmaid Inspiration
Bridal train inspiration
Bridal train inspiration

Read below what American color specialist, Leatrice Eiseman has to say about the Greenery color:


I’ve also taken some time out to include colors that can be paired with the greenery color, check them out:



So, I guess it is safe to say that you put in on your to-do-list to include one greenery outfit in your wardrobe.
Stay classy dolls!

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no mkup2

So many women opt to go natural for their everyday look, however, when it comes to some special occasions, especially the big day, they embrace the idea of wearing makeup, even if it’s just a little bit of powder and some pop of color on the lips.

However, one woman decided to switch it up and go makeup-free on her wedding day, proving that natural beauty can be just as gorgeous as a flawless makeover. Unsurprisingly, the Internet has blown up over this, causing the bride’s photo to go viral.
She was initially reported to be a Ghanaian bride, however, according to Vanguard Allure, she is in fact a Nigerian, who hails from Lagos state. The bride, Mrs. Umoren told Vanguard Allure in an interview that, “as I starred at myself in the mirror, I looked so natural and beautiful; I really liked what I saw. Some church members also came to me and liked my natural look and agreed with me not to make up.”

With so many other things to worry about on your wedding day, why add makeup to that list? Considering that going makeup-free has become a trend these days (remember that Alicia Keys has been going bare-faced on several red carpets in recent times!). I think, women shouldn’t feel pressured to wear any makeup at all, even if that means skipping it on a special occasion.
Share your thoughts on these and let me know what you think. Would you go makeup-free on your big day?

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THE WEDDING NIGHT: A Virgin Bride’s Guide (PT 2)


We are kicking off from where we stopped last week, if you missed the previous article, read here.


As young ladies, we have different priorities set, that being said, it is important to note that you can get pregnant on the first night; the first encounter with your husband can get you pregnant. Now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing, however if you and your husband want to adopt the family planning method and wait for a while, it is advisable that you make medical consultations.
Well before your first time together, discuss with your gynecologist who should test you for the best contraceptives suited for you if you are not ready to have kids just yet.


You know, it’s ok if sex doesn’t happen on the first night because the wedding stress can take its toll on your desire. All the craziness around the wedding and plans to get away for the honeymoon can be a spoiler for the moment. However, you don’t have to rush because there is really nothing sacred about doing on the exact night of the wedding. You still have a lifetime to explore, discover and enjoy!


I’m sure you are familiar with the Hollywood scene that portrays the perfect, rehearsed, smooth version of sex, if you are expecting it to be exactly that way, sorry to burst your bubble but that is far from reality, especially the first few times.
You might hurt each other and you will feel really weird the first couple of times, however, this is the perfect time to work on communication and forgiveness. Talk to each other and figure out what’s going on together.


Now that you are about to begin, remember that it might be a ‘race’ but definitely not a ‘marathon’. Communicate with your partner about what feels good, this will give him the confidence to continue doing those things you like and possibly introduce new things to you. Always have a lubricant at your disposal because your anxious body might not produce the natural lubrication you need. As a ‘newbie’, you need to remember that you are not a sex goddess, so the missionary position is a safe way to start and then you can build up from there, remember to always take it one step at a time.
You have waited this long, it is now time to enjoy the ride. No limitations, no inhibitions, just do it!

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THE WEDDING NIGHT: A Virgin Bride’s Guide (PT 1)

Most of you might not believe it, but ladies in these times are making the decision to wait until they say “I do”. The motivation for these decisions might differ, however, the fact still remains that as a virgin bride you are about to experience something alien and different, so you either get yourself prepared or face the consequences. If you are virgin bride, this guide is for you!


As a virgin, you ought to get to know your body, unfortunately, most women do not even try to do this. I don’t know if they are being shy about it, here’s a word for you today though, don’t be! Stand in front of a mirror and acquaint yourself with the perfect piece of art called your body. Research, read and get as much knowledge as possible.

If you are waiting until you get married, sex should be a subject you should talk about every now and then, talking about it eases the tension and you get the opportunity to discover each other. Discuss fantasies and limits, it may not seem like much before you get married but unrealized expectations can become a problem in your marital life.


If your partner is experienced, he will probably be able to guide you through the awkwardness of the first night, because it is definitely going to get awkward. Communicate with him how you felt, what you felt and when you felt it, you might be sore from using muscles you have never used before, however, don’t be shy, talk about it.
Communicating all of these things will help you both correct mistakes you make at every stage and guide you slowly but surely into having a great sex life.

To be continued…

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I attended a wedding over the weekend and it occurred to me how much the wedding scenery has changed over the past ten years. From what people wear, to wedding preparations, to wedding themes, to the décor, and so on, you find out that there has been a drastic change in how people perceive weddings. The wedding scenery has now become a platform for couples to express themselves and make their celebration their own, it has become a vantage point for fashion lovers and an avenue to celebrate wedding vendors. So, while I was pondering on these changes, I decided to put together a list of these changes. Here is my top 5 of obsolete wedding stereotypes. Enjoy!

1.White all: in times past, it has been said that wedding guests should not wear “white” to weddings, I personally have read an article where the experts said wearing white to a wedding takes the attention from the bride, only the brides are allowed to wear white and if guests wear this color, it eventually looks like there are lots of brides in one place”. However, in today’s times, wedding guests and even the bridal train wear white and the bride still gets all the attention she deserves.

2.Black trend: people have always likened the black color to a sad event but guess what, the black color has come to the wedding scene and it has come to stay! People have so much embraced this color that brides use it during their traditional wedding and even bridesmaids have started to rock their black dresses in style.

3.Pre-wedding themes: when this pre-wedding trend began, it was only embraced by a few couples back then and most of them just wanted a picture they can use on their souvenirs, but, this is not the case anymore. The pre-wedding trend has become so popular that intending couples strategize with their photographers and some go the extra mile of getting a creative director just to get the perfect pre-wedding theme that suits their personalities.

4.Save the date: gone are the days of sending out invitation cards, especially to your friends. These days, couples ensure that during their pre-wedding shoot, one of the pictures will contain the date and venue of their wedding. Intending couples also send out messages, create Facebook pages and even design websites for the sole purpose of inviting and reminding their guests.

5.Wedding dates: here in Nigeria, there are two most important wedding ceremonies; the traditional wedding and the white wedding. In times past, these two ceremonies follow themselves consecutively and is always on weekends, so, Fridays were for traditional weddings and Saturdays were for white weddings. After a while, people started putting a day between the traditional and white wedding, so it now became Thursdays and Saturdays respectively.
However, in today’s wedding scene, the time gap between the traditional and white wedding ranges from one day, to one week, to one month, to one year, depending on the couple’s decision.
There you have it folks, the list is endless, but like I said these are at the top of the list.

Photo credit: Instagram.

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