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So, it is my sister’s wedding anniversary today and I’m so excited to be writing this now (smiles).

The Sannis

This couple have been married since 2008, so they have been married for Ten years now. However, they have been together for about eighteen years now and I am filled with joy each time I see them together, forgive me guys but I’m a romantic and I love happily ever afters(*sighs).

From the husband:
“It’s 10 years already?
It feels like it wasn’t long ago that I said, “I do”.
To a lot of our friends and family, it’s been 10 years.
However, the journey started 18 years ago.

Then, 10 years ago today, we tied the knot.
It was a day I looked forward to enthusiastically.
I was relieved when the day was over; I was relieved because I knew I had finally sealed the deal that took about 8 years to negotiate.
In the past 10 years, you have given me a great deal of joy and laughter.

You have given me comfort, and encouraged me to focus.
You have given me the most adorable, beautiful, courteous, and loving boys, more than I can ever imagine.
You tell me to “Carry GO, No Shaking”, and I have been doing that excellently over the years.
Thank you for loving me unconditionally.
You are the closest to the manifestation of Christ’s liquid love to me.
And I love you MORE.

Words cannot express how bright and shinning our future together will be.
Prophecies have gone forth.
And we will fulfil God’s purpose for our lives, and do so while loving each other MORE and MORE.
I will conclude with the words of my Pastor, “You married your own wife”.
And I have been conscious of this ever since.
I Love You, my BEQ.
Your S.H.”

Awwnnn! Isn’t this the cutest love note ever!
They are blessed with two lovely and adorable boys.

Anyway, here’s wishing our EAD COUPLE, Mr & Mrs Sanni a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, wishing you the best and all the goodies of marital life.

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So, my dad celebrated his 70th birthday on the 16th of April, 2016, and I know it is a little bit unconventional, considering that it’s a birthday and not a wedding, however, this is something that is very dear to me and that day was also a day to celebrate family and love. So, here goes…


Prior to the birthday celebration, the family organized a photo shoot and it was quite fun, take a look.


couple with grand-children
couple with grand-children
Couple with the Children
Couple with the Children
The entire family
The entire family





Celebrant & wife
Celebrant & wife

These folks have been married for thirty-six years and it’s quite refreshing to see and experience firsthand that marriages can stand the test of time. I’ll probably get my mum to give us tips on how to long-lasting marriage, I’m sure you guys will love that. Take a look at more pictures below:

The celebrant
The celebrant




Celebrant with eldest daughter

Celebrant with daughter
Celebrant with daughter
The couple
Prince & Mrs Omo-Idehen
Celebrant's wife
Celebrant’s wife
Children & grand-children
Children & grand-children

The celebration was one that was filled with love, family ties, re-uniting with old friends, lots of catching up and just having fun.

Celebrant with Guests
Celebrant with Guests




Anyway, that’s how the celebration went down, I do hope you were inspired a little bit.

Event planner- Teleiosfirst events.

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