I attended a wedding over the weekend and it occurred to me how much the wedding scenery has changed over the past ten years. From what people wear, to wedding preparations, to wedding themes, to the décor, and so on, you find out that there has been a drastic change in how people perceive weddings. The wedding scenery has now become a platform for couples to express themselves and make their celebration their own, it has become a vantage point for fashion lovers and an avenue to celebrate wedding vendors. So, while I was pondering on these changes, I decided to put together a list of these changes. Here is my top 5 of obsolete wedding stereotypes. Enjoy!

1.White all: in times past, it has been said that wedding guests should not wear “white” to weddings, I personally have read an article where the experts said wearing white to a wedding takes the attention from the bride, only the brides are allowed to wear white and if guests wear this color, it eventually looks like there are lots of brides in one place”. However, in today’s times, wedding guests and even the bridal train wear white and the bride still gets all the attention she deserves.

2.Black trend: people have always likened the black color to a sad event but guess what, the black color has come to the wedding scene and it has come to stay! People have so much embraced this color that brides use it during their traditional wedding and even bridesmaids have started to rock their black dresses in style.

3.Pre-wedding themes: when this pre-wedding trend began, it was only embraced by a few couples back then and most of them just wanted a picture they can use on their souvenirs, but, this is not the case anymore. The pre-wedding trend has become so popular that intending couples strategize with their photographers and some go the extra mile of getting a creative director just to get the perfect pre-wedding theme that suits their personalities.

4.Save the date: gone are the days of sending out invitation cards, especially to your friends. These days, couples ensure that during their pre-wedding shoot, one of the pictures will contain the date and venue of their wedding. Intending couples also send out messages, create Facebook pages and even design websites for the sole purpose of inviting and reminding their guests.

5.Wedding dates: here in Nigeria, there are two most important wedding ceremonies; the traditional wedding and the white wedding. In times past, these two ceremonies follow themselves consecutively and is always on weekends, so, Fridays were for traditional weddings and Saturdays were for white weddings. After a while, people started putting a day between the traditional and white wedding, so it now became Thursdays and Saturdays respectively.
However, in today’s wedding scene, the time gap between the traditional and white wedding ranges from one day, to one week, to one month, to one year, depending on the couple’s decision.
There you have it folks, the list is endless, but like I said these are at the top of the list.

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