Bride to bridesmaid proposal is the most underrated of it all. It’s a once-in-a-friendship opportunity to make one of the grandest gestures known to woman. If you’ve recently been bridesmaid “proposed to,” go ahead and enjoy the moment. But before committing, take a moment to think about what kind of responsibility that might entail throughout the duration of the couple’s planning process, up until the big day.
Don’t feel like you’re disrupting the bride’s plans by trying to engage in a little real talk. If she’s asking you to be her bridesmaid, she most likely feels close enough to you to welcome any questions and concerns you might have. If she desires that you play a major role in planning or is set to have a majorly expensive bachelorette party and you are swarmed with some financial responsibilities, it’s okay to pump the breaks. Don’t procrastinate, the bride needs to know immediately if you can’t commit so she can make other arrangements. However, the bride can be flexible enough to work with your schedule and budget so you can still be a big part of her big day.
To ease the friction, let her know you still consider her a special person in your life and offer to help out in other meaningful ways with wedding preparations, (you can volunteer to monitor the welfare of guests, or manage the distribution of souvenirs).

Find out how much it will cost.
It’s becoming popular trend for brides to allow their bridesmaids choose their dresses, as long as it conforms to the color or length agreed on. This is great, because it gives you control to shop within your budget. But if she’s issuing the entire bridal party the same bespoke dress, find out the cost to determine if you are financially capable.

What will you be in charge of?
Some brides opt for their bridesmaids to take a backseat symbolic approach and just look pretty by their side, while others want to involve them heavily in the planning. Determine a clear sense of what role you serve, whether that’s in planning the bridal shower/ bachelorette party, picking colors and dress styles, obtaining aso-ebi materials or spending time wedding.

Who are the other bridesmaids?
It is natural to be curious about the ladies you’ll be closely liaising with for the foreseeable future. If there is a major personal issue or beef with one of the bridesmaids, that isn’t reason enough to bail on the bride. Rather than making the bride feel bad about her choice, see this as an opportunity to patch things or at least agree to a truce. Working together toward making a good friend feel loved is pretty much the ultimate goal.

How close are you to the bride-to-be?
Selecting bridesmaids often means striking a fine balance between friends and acquaintances. If you’re a newer addition to the friend group, that might not mean you are less close, but you might want to consider if you would be okay when you a left out of a conversation that everyone knows except you. If the answer is yes, you should probably say yes to the bride.

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