One of the major item to cross off your checklist while planning a bridal shower is the theme. Once you have got that taken care of, then all other items on the list can follow. If you are planning a bridal shower soon and you are at a loss of what the theme should be, I have put together a list of bridal shower themes, enjoy!

This is usually the go-to theme, especially when there is no time to source for outfits, because getting an all-white outfit is easy but don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that you will have less fun, it just makes planning a little easier.

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For those who love the show, “playboy mansion”, this theme is for you, it’s a little bit girly but you will have fun. All you need for this to come out right in terms of outfit is a white or black tee-shirt or tank top, probably customized, a tulle skirt, preferably in pink and some bunny ears, that ought to do it!

Photo Credit: Partyfully yours
Photo Credit: Partyfully yours

If you have always imagined what Las Vegas would look like but haven’t had a chance to actually visit, well, here is your chance. You can throw a bridal shower with a make belief casino outlook. You would need a couple of things; a round table for poker game, some pairs of dice, some pack of cards (it could be playing cards used at bridal showers), amongst other things. Outfit wise, tee-shirts with the dominos symbol on it will do.


This is for the ones that love an adventure, you get to play cop for one day, or night. Everyone in attendance should be dressed in a police uniform, however, this comes with a twist, it will be not just any police uniform, but a sexy uniform with all the paraphernalia. Most ladies that go with this theme usually have some very sexy guys over to put on a show for them, (if you know what I mean, *winks*)

This is a yellow and black affair, as that’s the color bees are presumed to be. So, to make this bridal shower theme complete, you will need yellow and black outfits (preferably in stripes) and a pair of cute little wings to go with it.


All of my fashionistas, where you at? This is a fun one and comes naturally to those fashionable or fashionably inclined. The Chanel theme is well executed with monochrome (black & white) in its balance. So, all things monochrome, with a dash of fabulousness!

This is actually a movie that aired in the early ’60s but has been well adopted by ladies in recent times. As the theme implies, it should be a lovely time with your ladies in the early hours of the day. Your ladies can take inspiration from the lead heroine, played by Audrey Hepburn or just show up in bright beautiful dresses, it is afterall supposed to be a fun-time with your ladies.


If you are a die-hard fan of the movie, “sex in the city”, you are welcome. There is really no color co-ordination for this theme, however you can pick a place that the ladies in the movie had been to and also pick a character in the movie to dress up as. It is just you and your girls having a good time.


Aloha! This is taking the bridal shower to the Tropicana, Hawaiian style. This could be done in/ outdoors, depending on your preference. Make it a point to note that there should be lots of fruits in the menu and outfit should have a pop of color, as is common with the Tropicana.


This switching things up a lit bit, if your known for spontaneity, you would be thrilled embracing this theme. It is very feminine, what with the fur, feather boa, corset, feathers, frills and flounces, mixed with some Victorian era fashion.


If you ever wondered what growing up in the country side would be like, well, here’s your chance. All you need for your outfit is a Plaid shirt, combined with a pair of denim, a pair of boots, a couple of bandannas and a cowboy, or in this case, cowgirl hat. I have no doubt partying with your girls ranch-style would be fun.


If I have been able to help in some little way, you are welcome.

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